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The Mayfly Project

The Mayfly Project (TMP) is a 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on mentoring foster children through fly fishing.  TMP is contacted by local organizations who have foster children that are interested in learning how to fly fish.  All TMP volunteers that work with children undergo required background checks and follow all regulations in order to work directly with the foster children.

There are 3 "stages" of our program:

Nymph - During this stage the mentor meets with the foster child and teaches the basics of fly fishing.  Normally this stage consists of casting sessions, warm water trips and possibly a basic fly tying session.  Our main goal during this stage is being able to catch a fish on a fly rod.  These sessions are typically 2-3 hours.

Emerger - This stage the child starts to learn more about actual casting and presentation.  Exposing them to different types water and different fly presentations. During this stage, we will typically move to cold water and start fishing for trout.  We hope to furnish the child with polarized sunglasses, a hat and a fishing shirt.

Dun - Final stage of our program ends with a trip to Dry Run Creek provided by TMP.  This will be a weekend trip for the foster child, the foster family and the mentor.  During this trip the child and family will get the experience fishing one of the best trout streams in the United States.  TMP will set up everything that he/she needs to fly fish on their own - fly rod, reel, fly line, tippet, leaders, flies.  This does not mean the relationship between the child and mentor ends, its just something to celebrate both the foster child and the mentor's hard work.